Morning Song

Baby darling, wake and see,
Morning’s here, my little rose;
Open eyes and smile at me
Ere I clasp and kiss you close.
Baby darling, smile! for then
Mother sees the sun again.

Baby darling, sleep no more!
All the other flowers have done
With their sleeping—you, my flower,
Are the only sleepy one;
All the pink-frilled daisies shout:
“Bring our little sister out!”

Baby darling, in the sun
Birds are singing, sweet and shrill;
And my bird’s the only one
That is nestled softly still.
Baby—if you only knew,
All the birds are calling you!

Baby darling, all is bright,
God has brought the sunshine here;
And the sleepy silent night
Comes back soon enough, my dear!
Wake, my darling, night is done
Sunbeams call my little one!